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2021 Year of the OX is coming!Sky Sportage is going to conduct a Chinese New Year trail running race. We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Lucky Chinese New Year! 

Daruma Cow Run is an awesome event to celebrate this unique Ox year. Round the Shatin countryside, we will run up and down 3 Cows”namely West Buffalo & Buffalo Hill and Ngau(Cow) Pei Sha, visiting wonderful sceneries - the Heart-stone, the Buffalo Stone Castle, Rabbit-stone, Kowloon Peak viewing point...etc. 

2021 Year of the Ox

Let’s run together the Daruma Cow!


Race Route Details

​Celebrate the OX year!

Shek Mun Station > Shek Mun Riverside Garden > Kwong Sin St > Hang Shin Link > Shatin Country Trail (Mui Fa Ancient Trail) > Fa Sam Hang Pavilion > Buffalo Hill (犇) > West Buffalo Hill (犇) > Shek Nga Pui > Maclehose Trail > Rabbit-stone > Tung Yeung Shan > Wilson Trail > Fei Ngo Shan Road > Shatin Pass Road > Temple Hill > Shatin Pass (Support Point) > Mau Tat Village > Kwun Ping Road > Kong Pui Teng (Not to the Top) > Toh Shek Teng > Nagu Pei Sha Teng (犇) > Ngau Pei Sha Ridge > Ngau Pei Sha Street > Siu Lek Yuen Cycling Track > On Ming Street > On Muk Street > Shek Mun Station


CLOSING DATE from Entries

NOW until 22 FEB 2021 23:59

Registration Fee : $220

Register fee included﹕
1. Daruma Cow Run Red Pocket 3 style
  ( Each 1pack )
2. Daruma Cow Run Race Bib x 1
3. Mountain series Lunar New Year Lucky Towel Set  (includes 3 mountain series dice) x 1
4. CreaCarn PowerUp ATP Power GEL x 1
Finisher Gift included﹕
1. Daruma Cow Run Finisher Cowbell x 1
2. Lightweight waterproof fabric shoulder bag     (choose 1 from 4)
3. Finisher E-Cert x 1


Daruma cow run race bib x 1 
Daruma cow run Red Pocket 3 style
( Each 1pack )
Mountain series Lunar New Year Lucky Towel Set (includes 3 mountain series dice)
 CreaCarn PowerUp ATP Power GEL x 1 


Finisher E-Cert x 1 
Lightweight waterproof fabric shoulder bag (choose 1 from 4)
Daruma Cow Run
 Finisher Cowbell x 1

Add-On items

Daruma Cow Run Quick Dry Souvenirs Tee ($180)



All participants must complete the virtual running route between 25/01/2021 -07/03/2021 and after the race, Race Timing Solution will send an email and the activate code to Participants, please kindly upload your.        (


Upload information included﹕

<1.> Checked in Photo Record with your Bib Number(Photo must include Bib , Participant and the Checked in Location)

<2.> Full GPX log from the Participant (Must use URL format to upload)


Registration link:


Action Panda Professional Trail Running Gear Shop

Address﹕Flat P, 4/F, Phase 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre,

460-470 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

Business Hour﹕12:00 - 21:00 (Monday to Friday)

Business Hour﹕12:00 - 19:00 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)

Race Pack Collection

Participants may collect their Race Pack at Action Panda Outdoor Equipment Store from 25/01/2021 - 22/02/2021

Finish Gift Collection

Participants may collect the finishing gifts at Action Panda Outdoor Equipment Store from 16/02/2021 - 10/03/ 2021 

Please check any update in Action Panda Facebook

General Rules

1. Participants are advised to bring at least 1000ml of drinks, spare food, telephone, a small amount of cash ($200) and Octopus Card. We suggest to wear Trail Running / Hiking shoes and Trekking Poles for Off-road).

2. All participants must bring their number bib and display the bib at the checkpoint to take photos and print cards as records. Photos should be uploaded to the virtual run conference.​

3. Participants should carefully study the route provided by the organizer and download the route to your mobile phone before starting. (We suggest to use Hiking Trail HK APP)

4. Participants must follow the route from the organizer and take photos and cards at the designated checkpoint. The mileage recorded must not be less than the mileage of the route provided by the organizer. If the participant uses shortcuts and does not follow the virtual run designated route, the organizer reserves the right to refuse distributing souvenirs to the participant. ​(Route Share we suggest to use STRAVA to share the URL Link, If your Watch do not have the link share function, please cap screen for your upload)

5. Participants please keep quiet and wear Mask when you across the city or village, don't disturb others

6. Participants must take care of the Gathering Limit Policy. Please keep the social distance and if you are not doing activities, please wear the Mask.​

7. Participants must follow the traffic instructions and pay attention to the road conditions when crossing the road.

8.  In case of severe weather and physical discomfort, participants are advised to terminate the activity immediately.

9. In case of emergency, please call the organizer's emergency contact number 9087 0109.​

10.The organizer recommends that participants to purchase personal accident insurance on their own, and the organizer is not responsible for the safety of participants.

11. The organizer has the right to modify the above rules. Please check the FACEBOOK update.

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