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Why use NutriTape®?


It provides BCAA (2: 1: 1) and vitamins B1 and B5 directly by transdermal route.

Free your stomach avoiding gastrointestinal complications during physical exercise.

It lasts 20 hours so that it nourishes your muscles during exercise and helps you recover after it.

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BCAAs help you prevent and delay cramps during demanding workouts and competitions.

Each blister-pack contains 2 patches

Package dimensions: 10×16 cm. | Measures of each patch: 6×14 cm.
Pack weight: 10 g. | Weight of each patch: 3 g.

Contents of each patch

L-Leucine: 0,252 g, L-Isoleucine: 0,126 g, L-Valine: 0,126 g,
Vitamin B1: 0,001 g, Vitamin B5: 0,005 g.

Nutritional values (Quantity in 100g and % RDA in 100g)

Energy value: 52 kcal / 271 kJ.
Proteins: 16,6 g, of which BCAA 16,6 g.
Carbohydrates: 0 g, of which 0 g are sugars.
Lípidos: 0 g, including saturated 0 g.
Vitamin B1: 0,03 g (RDA: 71%).
Vitamin B5: 0,17 g (RDA: 82%).


100% sure

Traces of milk, eggs, gluten and nuts have not been found.


You choose your sport. We feed your muscles


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Trail Running


Pau Capell

- Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2019

  Champion 20 hours, 19 minutes

- 1st Place at Transgrancanaria 2017

- 1st place at Eiger Ultra Trail 2018


Alex Fraguela

- Le Marathon Des Sables 2019 - Le Mds

  21 hours, 33 minutes

- Utmb® 2017 - Ccc®

- Gran Trail Peñalara 2018 - Gtp 3rd Place


Ragna Debats

- European Champion in Skyrunning (2017)

- Bronze Medal at the World Championships

- HK100 2020 - 12 hours, 03 minutes


Laia Diez

- Co-founder of the Laia Diez Trail School

- Winner of the VII Trail des Fars in   

  Menorca 2020

- Utmb® 2018 - Ccc®


Pere Aurell

- Madeira Sky Marathon 1st Place (2019)
- Transvulcania (ISF) 1st Place (2018)

- Koth Altra Hk Island 1st Place (2020)


Enric Gómez

- Cavalls Del Vent 2019 - - Ultra 9th Place

- Utmb® 2017

- Transgrancanaria Hg 2016 - Trans Gc


David Castaño

His experience at UTMB® 2015 helped us in the final phase of the development of Nutritape. Since then he has become a cornerstone in the continuous development of our transdermal BCAA patches.


After months of tests in the laboratories of LGC Group (United Kingdom), we have finally been informed that Nutritape® has passed all the non-permitted drugs tests and, therefore, we can initiate the Anti-Doping Certification process through Informed-Sport. We can consequently assure that you will never test positive in an anti-doping screening for using Nutritape®.


Here you can find a detailed list of the work of LGC Group to ensure we enjoy doping-free sport events.


Lab Tests


We have been very concerned that Nutritape® actually works and does not cause irritation or toxicity to the skin. So, we have done three laboratory tests to make sure everything works as it should.

Of these three, we attach two: the sensitive skin irritation and the in vitro irritation of each of the three branched amino acids (BCAA). The third describes how the skin absorbs each of the 5 nutrients incorporated in Nutritape®: speed and quantity. As you will understand, we reserve it for ourselves ?


Making public these laboratory tests rendered in Zurko Bioresearch we intend to provide you the peace of mind that:

  • We comply with all the legislation in force at the international level, having been carried out under the demanding International Standards ICH Topic E6;

  • We take your safety and health very seriously;

  • Since we did the tests until we present Nutritape® have passed 19 months (from August 2015 to March 2017). That’s the time it has taken us to validate the prototypes to make sure they deliver on what we promised.

For all the above we are sure that we are offering a revolutionary product, tested in the laboratory, respectful with your skin, that will make you improve in times and in sensations during your trainings and races.


Lab reports

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